In light of the changes being implemented for our nation as we navigate the management and risk reduction of Coronavirus, we continue to remain business as usual and your health remains our highest priority.

Clinical services for our patients will continue during these difficult times. AHSA has managed and provided treatment to immunosuppressed and frail aged patients for over 16 years. Each clinician is a seasoned professional whom work normally under typically very strict “Universal Precautions” hygiene conditions. 

We have also been implementing additional strict measures in-line with the Australian Government’s Chief Medical Officer’s advice on hygiene and infection control, and are taking all necessary precautions to protect our workforce and clientele.


The extra measures we are putting in place to ensure all patients are safe are now standard practise within our service provision and include the following:

  • All staff have completed the Australia Government Department of Health COVID-19 infection control training.
  • All clinicians are required to self-assess their own medical status each morning and afternoon. This requires filling an assessment form to demonstrate an absence of flu like symptoms.
  • This includes asking themselves these questions each day regarding their health and possible symptoms.
  • Each clinician will take their own temperature 3x daily to ensure the absence of fever.
  • Any clinician that has been exposed to any patient with suspected Flu symptoms regardless of if a confirmed Coronavirus case will automatically and immediately self-isolate.
  • All AHSA clinics will abide strictly to the 1 person per 4square meters social distancing rule.
  • All patients of AHSA and PCGC are provided a self-assessment tool which requires disclosure of any flu like symptoms.
  • All clinicians will personally sterilise their working environment after every patient in readiness for the next.
  • Masks will be used where deemed necessary.
  • Clean gloves will be used as a normal protective mechanism with every patient and disposed of afterward.

We are continuing to provide quality services in clinic, as well as home visits where required, to ensure continuity of care for our patients in need. Be rest assured that your health is, and has always, been our main focus.

Paediatric Centre Gold Coast