The Little Miracle Program

Welcoming  your Baby to the world is a very exciting experience, however often this creates significant stress, while the new parents are faced with many unexpected challenges.

Our Newborn program is designed to support the new parents while entering a “New World” with their Little Miracle.

Sessions are created in blocks delivered on Saturday mornings over a 4 week period, in a child friendly environment. This short power packed program is ideal to empower every parent to be both confident and knowledgeable during this exciting but sometimes difficult time.

The Little Miracle Program will debunk all of the myths and old wives tales and provide sound evidence based clinical knowledge. It’s all of the facts and not the fallacy.

Many topics covered include:

  • Sleep safety and how to create baby’s routine,
  • SIDS
  • Managing the medical emergency, when to seek help?
  • Fevers and Baby illness, how to manage?
  • Tummy time- What amount of time is really required
  • Managing the family, managing all that love.
  • Preventing Plagiocephaly
  • Managing sleep deprivation and working as a Team.
  • Breastfeeding tricks, techniques and baby’s diet!
  • Immunisation – when, what, why?
  • Baby CPR and First Aid.
  • Baby’s Milestones, …when to worry?
  • Avoiding the expense- nonessential baby equipment and products
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